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Single Silver cap (925 sterling) w/ Gold Vermeil Options

Single Silver cap (925 sterling) w/ Gold Vermeil Options

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Single Custom One Tooth cap in 925 sterling silver, With gold vermeil options if youre after that extra bling

How does the process work?
After your purchase, we will kickstart the process by sending you a mould kit. You must add a mould kit to your cart in order for your caps to be made. Once you received the mould kit, follow the detailed instructions provided within the mould kit. You will then send us a lovely picture of your mould via instagram, and place your mould into the sealing bag provided. Once we give the go ahead, send your mould kit back to us at the specified address. You will be responsible for shipping the mould kit back to us.

Once we receive the mould, it will then be inspected again. If your mould is good to go, we'll begin production.. Production generally takes 2-3 weeks given the complexity of this piece.

Once your caps/grills are ready, we will then reship the finished caps/grill back to you.


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