How The Process Works

How does the grillz process work?

Once both your chosen mould kit / Moulding appointmetn, and your chosen caps/grillz have been added to cart and checked out, we will kickstart the process by sending you a mould kit.
Once you received the mould kit, follow the detailed instructions provided within showing you how to take a successful impression moulding. (Moulding instructions may sometimes arrive in the form of an email.)

You will then send us a lovely picture of your mould via instagram @getcappd, or to our email,, with the subject "MOULD VERIFICATION", and place your mould into the sealing bag provided.

Once we give the go ahead, send your mould kit back to us at the specified address. You will be responsible for shipping the mould kit back to us. Once we receive the mould, it will then be inspected again. If your mould is good to go, we'll begin production.

How long does it take to make the caps/grillz?

Production generally takes 2-5 weeks depending on the complexity of this piece (Diamond set pieces may take longer) .Once your caps/grills are ready, we will then reship the finished caps/grill back to you.

What kind of materials do you work with?

Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced from top suppliers in countries all over the world. Rubies from India, Emeralds from Ethiopia, and Sapphires from Sri-Lanka. every gemstone we set is hand selected by master jewellers and lapidarists who pick and hand cut each one. All our suppliers are certified by GIA, GRA, ASSAY and other respective council boards who work to stringent social, ethical and environmental standards. 

⁣Every CAPPD cap is 100% Handmade using authentic ASSAY certified, ethically sourced gold and silver.
All caps and grills are specifically designed to fit your teeth and your teeth only.