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any non-accidental damages will be handled free of charge within your 1st year
All gold, silver, gems, and diamonds are 100% ethically sourced & conflict free
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"How Does This Work?"

  • Find The Right Caps For You

    - Take a look through our inventory of single, twin, quad caps, full sets, and more. Add your chosen caps, sets, and upgrades / extras to your cart.

  • Select Your Moulding Method

    -Choose a way for us to receive your mould by either booking a moulding appointment, Adding a mould kit to your order, or securing a pop-up slot.

  • Get Moulded

    - Make sure We get your mould by either attending your appointment, or taking a mould at home, and mailing it back to us.

  • Welcome To The CAPPD Crew!

    Once your caps are complete, you'll either pick them up in-store, or receive them in the mail, Et voila... You're now officially part of the fam!

CAPPD x COMBINE Pop-Up Shop (Feb 3-10)

"Your Eyes are the windows to the soul. But your smile is the mirror of the heart"

-Janna Cachola

Custom Design Consultation

Come to CAPPD for a peak journey from design to production! Whether you're spicing things up or going for a whole new vibe, we're all about creating a space where you can let your imagination run wild with custom oral jewelry. Let's turn those ideas into a reality! 🚀✨

Book A moulding Appointment

Corporate & Brand Work

We're the ultimate creative powerhouse, rocking out in the world of jewelry and beyond! From killer designs to crafting one-of-a-kind hardware and dazzling jewelry, we're your go-to crew. But wait, there's more – we're also maestros at exhibitions and events, turning corporate events and team building nights into unforgettable experiences.

What sets us apart? Our knack for understanding the vibe and delivering top-notch, mind-blowing work. We're not just a creative hub; we're your ticket to elevating your brand's experience to a whole new level.

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