Política de reembolso

CAPPD are unable to offer refunds on bespoke oral jewellery orders once production has begun. Production process begins once the customers alginate or putty impression has been received by CAPPD.
This means that we cannot provide refunds on items that have been specially made or altered for you in any way, but may be able to offer refunds on mould kits once they have been returned to CAPPD and marked as received.

We guarantee that all bespoke oral jewellery products will fit on the stone mould provided to us by you (the customer), but can not guarantee a 100% perfect fit within the mouth at all times.
This could be due to a number of reasons such as fitting in your mouth as:

  • The alginate or putty impression provided by the customer may not be 100% accurate.
  • The customer may have made incorrect movement or excessive movement during time of moulding (talking, laughing and failure to hold impression in mouth correctly for more than 3 minutes all constitute as excessive movement).
  • The customer eating with oral jewellery worn or biting down excessively on oral jewellery.

If you (the customer) cancel an order after CAPPD have sent a mould kit, a refund may be issued for the amount purchased, providing that the mould kit is returned un-opened with all contents included. Contents will be listed within the description section of the mould kit product listing on the CAPPD website. The refund will be for the total amount of the mould kit purchase price, excluding shipping/postage and packaging fees. 

CAPPD are unable to offer refunds in case of loss or damage of the item.

CAPPD reserves the right to cancel any orders due to threatening or abusive behaviour and/or language towards any of our staff, or any orders held stagnant for more than 1 month, through fault of the customer. 
If you (the customer) display what we deem to be threatening or abusive behaviour and/or language, or stagnate the process, either by absence for moulding appointments or negligence regarding mailing an impression mould back to CAPPD, or collecting your order, your order may be cancelled without refund. By purchasing from CAPPD, you (the customer) consent to these terms and conditions.