How To Take A Moulding Impression (2 part Putty)

How to take a moulding impression. 

Ok, So you've ordered your caps and your mould kit, kudos to you! you're officially halfway to styling your smile!
The first thing you should do before you take your impression though, is check through the package contents included in your kit and read this instructions sheet IN ITS ENTIRETY. Your kit should include: Coloured Putty, Light Putty, Tray.

Place all containers of impressions putty in the fridge for 15 minutes. That should give you more than enough time to read through this sheet and get to grips with the process 😊

Read the following instructions a few times to familiarise yourself with the moulding process. 

STEP 1: Prep

Prep your mouth by swishing some water around in order to dislodge and get rid of any food and hard to reach debris. If you're about to take an impression and haven't brushed your teeth yet.. please do.
Place the impression tray into your mouth to see if it's the correct fit and at a comfortable length. Make sure that the tray feels comfortable and that the length causes no pain past your back teeth.


STEP 2: Wash Hands


If you have gloves, put on the gloves!  you can still take an impression moulding of your mouth with your hands, just make sure they're washed first!


STEP 3: The Coloured Putty


Empty the contents of ONE container/bag of coloured putty into your hand, and spread the putty out into a flat putty pancake!


STEP 3.5: The Light Putty


Empty the contents of ONE container/bag of light putty onto the flattened coloured putty in your hand, and squish those together too! 


STEP 4: Mix 'n' Roll


Mix the two putty's together until you can no longer see any streaks of light putty and you have one single coloured putty again. Do this for a maximum of 30 seconds. Roll the now mixed putty into a sausage shape, ready to place in the tray.


STEP 5: Load The Tray & Bite

load the tray

Load the sausage shape putty into the tray.

open mouth

(Here comes the most important part! make sure you do this in front of a mirror for extra help.)

  • Open your mouth, and pull out the lip covering the row of teeth you want to mould (Top lip for top row, bottom lip for bottom row).
  • Align the tray over the teeth, and gently bite down into the putty. once you bite down, do not let go, stay biting!
  • allow your lip to cover the tray and press your fingers over your lip to smoosh the putty along your gums. (This lets us capture your whole tooth shape).
  • stay as still as possible for 3 minutes.


STEP 6: Review


Remove the mould by tilting the handle of the tray left to right, until the tray pops free, Do not separate the tray from the mould.

Carefully inspect your mould. You want the impression to show all the teeth you want capped in fine detail including the gumline shape. If you can't see this properly, take another swing at moulding yourself.

Your impression should resemble the picture above.
If you are happy with your impression, take some pics & vids, and send them to us at:

Make sure to include your name and order number in the email subject.

Include the corresponding tooth numbers for your caps within the email.tooth codes

Once, we've verified your mould, you'll then be given the ayy-okay! we'll tell you how to send your mould back to us. Then you can sit back, relax, and get cappd!